ZA Dedicated Server

CN2 GIA routing connect to china Self-managed dedicated servers with an arsenal of powerful features

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Intel Xeon E3-1230v3




1 IPV4

$199.00 USD/ Monthly
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Intel Xeon E5-2420v2

ZA-E5-32G-480G SSD

1x 480G SSD


1 IPV4

$299.00 USD/ Monthly
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Intel Xeon E3-1230v3

ZA E3-16G-1T Sata 1*/24



1 IPV4

+253 IPv4

$499.00 USD/ Monthly
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Intel Xeon E5-2420v2

ZA-E5-32G-480G SSD 1*/24

1x 480G SSD


1 IPV4

+253 IPv4

$699.00 USD/ Monthly
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Low latency. High speeds. Top security.
We deliver dedicated servers properly.


Flexible architecture for optimal performance

Pre-configured and custom-built with next-generation components. With JUSTG, you get your own enterprise-ready HP server. 100% isolated, fault-tolerant, and lightning-fast.
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"I am extremely satisfied with JUSTG. For real. Been a satisfied customer for over 2 years now, and haven't had ONE day with downtime."
Magnar Jordan

All superior level of hardware

Top-of-class, HP Blade and Proliant servers
We only use the latest gen HP BL460 and DL380 servers — nothing compares to their reliability, scalability, and performance.
Intel Xeon processors for super-fast load times
Intel Xeon E5 processors are truly enterprise-grade with huge L2/L3 caches — ensuring lightning-fast speeds, always.
Datacentre-grade SSD for maximum performance
Chosen strategically based on requirements – not by price – we _only_ use datacenter-grade Intel and Sandisk SSD's.
FREE Hardware RAID to prevent data loss
Stay protected from unexpected hard drive failure with hardware RAID.
ECC Registered Memory — for your peace-of-mind
Helps your server withstand single bit errors without kernel panics or unexpected reboots.
60 Minute Hardware Replacement
With our 24/7 staffed NOC engineer team ready to replace any faulty hardware.
Our Platform
Redundant routers mean no single point of failure
Routers Links Switches Links Hosts

Deploy and scale easily — with zero-downtime infrastructure

No Single Points of Failure, guaranteed 100% uptime SLA, and free human-powered migration. We won't accept downtime, and neither should you.
"I have been with JUSTG for several years and have found their service to be excellent, both in terms of hosting services and customer support."
Charles Schwartz
Fault tolerant network
No single points of failure —all hardware and network paths are completely redundant.
Internal Networking
Customers that purchase more than one dedicated server can connect them together with internal networking.
Full Customizable
Build your server on the shopping cart exactly like you want it and pay for only the resources you need.
Reliable, Fully-Featured Datacenter
3 ISO certified Datacentres – ZA, Johannesburg – which host on Africa’s #1 Internet Exchange.
GDPR Compliant
We handle server data in accordance with GDPR compliant criteria.

Deploy anything in seconds

Our Cloud platform have wide range of OS and Apps, Build cloud server with any of the os or app from the below list.







Frequently Asked Questions

That would depend on the configuration - if it's one of our pre-configured machines, you can expect to have it within some hours, up to a day. If it is a custom configuration it may take anywhere between a couple of hours up to a couple of days!

Most of our servers can have their storage and RAM configurations modified. Additional bandwidth is also configurable for any of our servers, ranging from 10TB up to 10Gbit/s unmetered ports.

Absolutely! The team over at Sun Network Company Limited can build all kinds of custom configurations and clusters to fit even the most demanding needs, with machines going up to 64 cores and 2TB of RAM. Contact us for more information!

Yes, we do! We can offer servers with both software and hardware RAID (1, 5, 6, 10, 50 or 60)! You can contact our sales engineers for a custom solution!

Yes, you can upgrade your server at any time! Simply open a ticket and the team over at Sun Network Company Limited will gladly assist you and schedule the upgrade to happen at a convenient time for you!

We have different options for firewalls! Contact us for more information and custom quotes.

Yes, we can build private network between your servers!
Yes, all of our servers get their own, private VLANs, to ensure the best possible network isolation!

By default, all of our services are self-managed, which means that we will take care of the server infrastructure, but would expect our clients to handle the software and configurations. We do our best to help as much as humanly possible, in our scope, and try to never leave a customer in the dark!

No! We understand how frustrating can bandwidth overusage fees be and we've taken a different approach, to ensure our flat and predictable pricing - when you come close to running out of bandwidth, we will send a warning emails. Should you not respond and upgrade the server, we'll suspend it automatically, until the bandwidth counter is reset.

Yes, you can! We charge 3USD/m per IPv4 and 50USD per month per 1TB of additional bandwidth.

Just like any hosting provider - we bill in advance. We also do not enforce any minimal contracts. However, should you decide to pre-pay for a longer term, you can usually get a pretty good discount!

As an European VAT-registered company, we do charge a mandatory VAT, depending on the country of residence of our clients. Should you be located out of the EU, we will not charge you any additional VAT or sales tax.

We accept all major Credit Cards, PayPal, Crypto payments (Bitcoin, etc.) and Wire Transfers.

Got any questions?

Our friendly team would be glad to answer all your questions and assist in choosing the right product for you.