6th Apr 2021
「justg 2021」The second promotion of Russian vps.





Given that the market has responded well.


Russia's vps promotion time has been extended by one week.


And the price is slightly increased.


Special products are increased by 10usd, and customers who are interested in us can place an order as soon as possible.


This offer is valid for 7 days.


The end date is April 13.




 justg team

Dear everyone            After a long period of preparation, our Russian cloud server is finally on sale. Our Russian data center is located in the European fortress city --- Moscow. Moscow has a unique geographical location. The network speeds connecting Europe, the United States and China are all very superior. The average latency to ... Read More »
Hi Dear valid customers To improve our network and services. justg plan to expand our core network again Access more ISPs to  our network. Our company plans to upgrade and maintain the network on February 26th of this month The maintenance window is four (04) hours, The maintenance period ,device shall experience a downtime of up to ... Read More »
Dear everyone,         Thanks to every customer’s support and trust. The mini cloud host we launched recently was promoted at a price far below the market price . The low price has brought panic buying and also brought malicious slander and attacks from bad guys. In this regard, we express our deep apologies to every affected customer. ... Read More »

  Dear valid customers,


      Recently, we have found out the cause of our network failure. A large number of attacks flow into our routers every day.

The reason for the network interruption is that our core equipment   has  been under attack.

We are deeply sorry to affect the servers of all valid customers. We have caused huge losses.

We are trying various ways to solve the attack.

Thank you for your trust and support. We will work hard to do better and will not let down the trust and support of all customers.





Africa cloud  support team

dear valid customers:       We plan to upgrade the core routing in the next 2 weeks or so. Due to recent attacks, the routing load is too high. In order to provide users with a more stable network environment, we plan to upgrade the core routing equipment in 2 weeks. While upgrading the core routing, we are also going to  optimize ... Read More »
Dear  customer:   Thanks for the trust and support of every customer, due to the failure of the cable  linking our core routing. Cause our network to be down. Our mood is more anxious than every customer who trusts us. When we found the failure , we have immediately notified the data center and China Telecom to repair the failure, the ... Read More »

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